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Re: kernel-header-2.6.7-1-386 ATTACHED

Wayne Topa wrote:
john gennard(joney@clara.co.uk) is reported to have said:


As long as as I have it, on a CD, I thought I might as well
>   send it off to you.


    [snipped earlier postings]

Thanks, but what you have sent is 2.6.7-1-386_2.6.7-2-i386.deb
which I had found in my searches.

Andreas Janssen has written (although I did not receive this
posting) and from what he said in your last message, it's clear
that I've been looking for something that's not available.
I've learned a lot with your help, and think I now understand
why I got to this position. Briefly, I bought a new large hard
drive, created two large series of partitions and from a basic
Sarge .so (100M or so)installed Sarge twice (once using a 2.4
kernel and the other time a 2.6 kernel which was at the time
the 2.6.7-1) adding the packages I need and then updated and
upgraded both. Then I changed my sources.list in the second and upgraded it to Unstable (I didn't dist-upgrade as this sometimes
has given me trouble).

I'll now try using what you sent and if it doesn't work, I'll
compile 2.6.8 or above by hand. If it does work, I'll probably
go up to the 2.6.8 after a day or so.

Again, many thanks for your help and interest. I'm not very
knowledgeable but I do try!!

Regards,			John.

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