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Re: devices vaporise ? sda*

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 00:20:07 +0100, Ron Johnson wrote:

> Is nvidia in your /etc/modules?


I'm not attacking anyone. I installed udev because it was needed on
another machine. Immediately after, I had no /dev/sda* any longer, could
not mount my USB-camera and had X not starting ("no screens"). The latter
was 'filed' in a parallel thread, and solved by the helpful suggestion to
*add* nvidia to /etc/modules.

When you're sitting without X and without your USB-camera and a bunch of
people sitting and waiting to see pictures, you don't necessarily google
for "udev nvidia". Googling with lynx is less fun, as well.

IMHO, what I experienced was rotten. That's all. And I was most happy to
get the /etc/modules in the twin thread and your suggestions to get sda*
Now I'm trying to gather if these experiences warrant to be considered a
bug. And then, which type of bug ? udev ? or just a lack of warning in the
installer; with an ensuing "Are you sure you want to continue? [y/n]".

As of now I honestly don't know.


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