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Re: devices vaporise ? sda*

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 20:00:20 +0100, Ron Johnson wrote:

> Did you install udev?

Yes. And now ?

Here is the complete story: I have two notebooks and bought a USB camera.
When I plugged itinto the first one, it said something about 'sdi' in
dmesg where I would have expected sda. Also, I couldn't mount it. Some
google brought me to a chap who noted that you need udev for it. I
installed it, and immediately I had sdi and could mount that camera.
Everything okay. Did the same with the second notebook, and this time,
many things went wrong. I also attached the camera, but on this notebook
dmesg shows it as sda. Only, sda doesn't exist any longer.

I suspected udev (which installed alongside makedev though - as I saw
later - is marked as 'conflicting') and removed it. Still, MAKEDEV doesn't
recreate those nodes.

How can I get back to normal on this machine ?

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