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Re: How to get Sound to work - Need step by step instructions


> Before you start messing around with new kernels, do yourself
> a favor and switch to Grub.  Once you get it installed, it is
> much easier.  Additionally, if you use symlinks like /vmlinuz
> and /vmlinuz.old and so on, you can point the symlinks at
> newly installed kernels and reboot without reinstalling Grub.
> This is because Grub actually reads your filesystem.

When you say switch to Grub, is it as simple as doing:

apt-get install grub ?

What would be steps after that ? I understand that I am supposed to install a 
newer kernal but not sure what to do about getting my sound going.

- Rathon

Debian 3.0r1(Woody) | ASUS P5P800 Mobo | ATI Mach64 |
Intel P4 3.0GHz Cpu    | 1G DDR Ram                                |

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