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Re: How to get Sound to work - Need step by step instructions

Syed Huq wrote:
Ditch that kernel and install another one, either kernel-image-2.2.20 or
kernel-image-2.4.18-1-386|686|k6|k7|586. If you use 2.4.18, don't
forget to configure lilo to use the initrd needed to boot that kernel.
After booting with the new kernel, try again.

I tried 'ditching' that kernel by upgrading to Sarge. It was a
nightmare and had to switch
back to Woody. So no solutions there.

IF(not a possibility), I had kernel 2.4.18:

1) How to configure lilo
2) Try again...try what ?

I am still hoping someone can provide a step-by-step instructions.

- Rathon

Before you start messing around with new kernels, do yourself
a favor and switch to Grub.  Once you get it installed, it is
much easier.  Additionally, if you use symlinks like /vmlinuz
and /vmlinuz.old and so on, you can point the symlinks at
newly installed kernels and reboot without reinstalling Grub.
This is because Grub actually reads your filesystem.

It is also easier to recover from a botched kernel install as
you can easily edit the entire kernel command line.  I know
this can also sort of happen with lilo, but it is much easier
and flexible with Grub.

initrd's are also handled better in Grub.

-Roberto Sanchez

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