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Re: Palm-Tool (something like JPilot) for console?

* Maurits van Rees <maurits@vanrees.org> [05-01-02 22:24]:
> "apt-cache search palm" gives quite a long list. pilot-link may be
> what you want.

Hi Maurits,

I already have pilot-xfer installed. I use it to get data out of my
Palm. But it is binary data I can not edit. What I search is a
console tool to edit my todos, appointments, etc. based on this data
and then sync it back to my Palm. I'm using JPilot at the moment to
achieve this but a non-X program would be more my way :)

> I'm not sure if it is wise to use jpilot and pilot-xfer (or any two
> synching programs for that matter) on the same system. You might get
> into trouble. At least I myself got into trouble when combining Kpilot
> and pilot-xfer, which may be due to a bug in one of those programs or
> simply my lack of understanding. I use only Jpilot for synching now,
> and memos for saving the memos in a readable way.

KPilot is still very buggy. Allthough I have a very old Palm V, it
still doesn't work very well (using KDE 3.3.2, built from source).

But using pilot-xfer and JPilot shouldn't cause any trouble as
pilot-xfer writes the data to another directory than JPilot does
(default: ~/.jpilot/).

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