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Re: mknod, /dev/hdb, /dev/cdrom problem

On Sun, 2005-01-02 at 23:39 +0200, Necati DEMiR wrote:
> Hi,
> i wanted to mount my cdrom, but i saw that there is no hdb or cdrom in 
> /dev directory, and i decided to create them by using mknod.
> and i did the followings;
> #mknod -m 0660 /dev/hdb b 3 64
> #ln -s /dev/hdb /dev/cdrom
> every thing is ok up to now.
> then i tried;
> #mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom/
> but it gave error like this;
> mount: /dev/cdrom is not a valid block device
> How can i solve this problem?
> Thanks!

send us the output of dmesg.

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