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Re: How to get Sound to work - Need step by step instructions

On Sun, 02 Jan 2005 23:20:05 +0100, Syed Huq wrote:
>> Before you start messing around with new kernels, do yourself
>> a favor and switch to Grub.  Once you get it installed, it is
>> much easier.  Additionally, if you use symlinks like /vmlinuz
>> and /vmlinuz.old and so on, you can point the symlinks at
>> newly installed kernels and reboot without reinstalling Grub.
>> This is because Grub actually reads your filesystem.
> When you say switch to Grub, is it as simple as doing:
> apt-get install grub ?
> What would be steps after that ? I understand that I am supposed to install a 
> newer kernal but not sure what to do about getting my sound going.

I think that you should do one of two things.

1) Wait until someone provides (or gives you a pointer to) step by step
instructions for setting up sound on your woody system.

2) Install sarge, Linux 2.4 or 2.6, and ALSA sound.

If you choose #1 then be prepared to live without sound until the
instructions are provided. I would recommend against upgrading your kernel
and bootloader until you gain more experience with GNU/Linux.  (Upgrading
the bootloader is especially dangerous; recommending that to a newbie is

If you choose #2 then there are more people here who can help you.

If you choose #2 then I would recommend you get a copy of Ubuntu Linux
which is a newbie-friendly free Debian derivative: www.ubuntu.com.

Thomas Hood

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