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Re: Using more than one driver for a laser printer?

On Friday 05 November 2004 14:30, Rich Rudnick wrote:

> "You do not need Magicfilter for CUPS. CUPS has its own filtering
> system and you can send text, PostScript, PDF, HP/GL-2, and many image
> formats directly to a CUPS queue. See also the special options which
> CUPS provides for text, HP/GL-2, and images
> (http://localhost:631/sum.html, options dialogs of XPP, QtCUPS,
> kprinter, and GTKlp)."
> <Plug> I've used all of the programs cited above at one time or the
> other, and use gtklp daily. It provides access to all options on my
> printers, and makes it trivial to create instances (templates).
> </Plug>

I've removed package magicfilter, installed the second printer "ps"
using the CUPS web interface, and symlinked /etc/printcap
to /var/run/cups/printcap, and I'm getting one strange problem:
"lpr -P ps foo.ps" works,
"dvips -P ps foo.dvi" works,
"a2ps install" works (using the Brother driver),

$ a2ps -P ps install 
[install (plain): 1 page on 1 sheet]
lp: unable to print file: client-error-bad-request
[Total: 1 page on 1 sheet] sent to the printer `ps'
[8 lines wrapped]

However I can use "a2ps -o foo.ps ; lpr -P ps foo.ps" to produce the
output that the command above ought to produce.  Any idea why "a2ps -P
ps" doesn't work?

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