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Re: Using more than one driver for a laser printer?

On Wednesday 03 November 2004 18:40, Rich Rudnick wrote:

>> (I have the following packages installed: magicfilter, cupsys,
>> cupsys-bsd, cupsys-client, cupsys-driver-gimpprint,
>> cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data, cupsys-pt.)
> For a long time now I've been using an HP940 on CUPS. Since the hpijs
> and gimpprint drivers both have their pluses and minuses, I defined
> two printers using localhost:631/admin, ijs and gimp, using the hpijs
> and gimprint drivers respectively, both of which ultimately point
> to /dev/lp0.  Thus, I can use lpr -P to select the driver I want to
> use with the HP940. This has worked very well, the only gotcha being
> whichever virtual printer I choose first (ijs or gimp) will completely
> empty it's spool before printing the second spool. (This can be worked
> around by holding the jobs on the first spool, CUPS will automatically
> start the second spool).

Thanks for that info.  As I said in another post in this thread,
modifying /etc/printcap alone didn't seem to have any effect---does my
lpr command (from the packages I listed above) use it at all or not?

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