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Re: If ATI and nVidia don't support their own products, who does?

Alex Nordstrom wrote:
Now, I'm not sure how well Matrox meets the requirements of the OP in terms of price and 3D game performance. They seem, however, not to be quite as intent on being altogether evil as ATI and Nvidia, and they should be great fun if you like triple-head setups, but I do believe you pay for it as well. This is not based on first-hand experience, but I am seriously considering them for whenever I decide to put together some new hardware. (Not much of a gamer here, though.)

Matrox doesn't really fit the bill.  The games that I play or am
looking at (NWN, America's Army, and others) will sometimes
specifically require an ATi or nVidia card.  It sucks, but that's
life as a Linux gamer, I guess.

-Roberto Sanchez

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