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Re: Rant about installer features (Re: Progeny)

Carl Fink wrote:
> Check this list's archives.  I've been using Debian since Slink.  I'm a
> refugee from Windows 3.1 and OS/2 Warp, if I'm a refugee at all.
> While your description is exaggerated, what's wrong with an installer that
> detects the hardware for me, so I don't have to manually set dozens or
> hundreds of things?  You seem to be implying that's bad.  What's wrong with
> an installer that lets me resize NTFS partitions?  What's wrong with an
> installer that fully supports RAID?  
> Like I said, some people are too defensive about Debian, thinking that any
> criticism or suggestion for improvement is the equivalent of slapping in the
> face.

FWIW, repeatedly whining and harping on features that you want is really
not a very efficient motivator for volenteers. I suppose we'll get NTFS
resize and software raid on root support when someone feels the need to
ad them, and has the guts to go code something.

see shy jo

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