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Re: Rant about installer features (Re: Progeny)

On Fri, Aug 13, 2004 at 10:55:00PM -0600, s. keeling wrote:

> I just don't understand where you people come from.  I've been
> installing Linux since SLS (ca '93), and I've never thought Debian's
> installer was anywhere near as bad as some of you people think it is.
> You seem to want something that you say, "Go!", then you go for a beer
> and come back to a fully installed, correctly configured system.
> Well, you're refugees from vendors who promised that BS and never
> delivered.  Doesn't that tell you something?  It doesn't happen.
> Sorry it took you so long to figure that out.

Check this list's archives.  I've been using Debian since Slink.  I'm a
refugee from Windows 3.1 and OS/2 Warp, if I'm a refugee at all.

While your description is exaggerated, what's wrong with an installer that
detects the hardware for me, so I don't have to manually set dozens or
hundreds of things?  You seem to be implying that's bad.  What's wrong with
an installer that lets me resize NTFS partitions?  What's wrong with an
installer that fully supports RAID?  

Like I said, some people are too defensive about Debian, thinking that any
criticism or suggestion for improvement is the equivalent of slapping in the
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