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Re: Bogus reply-to

On 2004-08-10, Jim Bailey penned:
> On Aug 09, 11:16, Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
>> On 2004-08-09, Jim Bailey penned:
>> >
>> > I use mutt, if I press 'r' to reply I get offered the following
>> > address
>> >
>> > Reply to user@localhost.pauken.co.uk? ([yes]/no):
>> >
>> > If I refuse I get offered your bounce address, neither of which are
>> > good options.
>> What do you mean by my bounce address?  If you mean the address in
>> the "From" field, that's a legit address and will route to me.
> Ok now I know but with spam prepending the domain I figured it was
> bound for somewhere unpleasant via procmail.

Sure, but as the whole point is that I almost never want direct email in
response to my postings on this list ... without trying to sound rude,
how is this a problem for *me*?

>> What if you press 'L' for list-reply?
> No mailing lists found!
> Not an option I have configured in my .muttrc and 63 include files
> maybe tomorrow I will get around it.  ;)

I keep meaning to split my .muttrc into 64 different files, but so far
it's all just one big mess, plus a file for aliases.  I'm afraid of
screwing up the ordering if I try to group things by "topic".

> I really do feel that there should be a rfc for listservers and their
> behavior.  They are a very public part of the internet and sensible
> standards that we could all then ignore are a must. ;)


I agree, though.  It would be nice to have a reliable way to keep people
from emailing me directly about list stuff.  And of course, it would be
nice for other folks to have a reliable way to request that people *do*
send them a copy.

Fine.  I'll get rid of this reply-to, since apparently it's not only
causing trouble but also spawning conspiracy theories.  But I won't hold
myself responsible for whatever I do to the next person who cc's me!
They will *not* be getting any birthday presents this year, that's for


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