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Re: Bogus reply-to

On 2004-08-09, Jim Bailey penned:
> I use mutt, if I press 'r' to reply I get offered the following
> address
> Reply to user@localhost.pauken.co.uk? ([yes]/no):
> If I refuse I get offered your bounce address, neither of which are
> good options.

What do you mean by my bounce address?  If you mean the address in the
"From" field, that's a legit address and will route to me.

> If I press 'g' to reply I get the list, which sort of makes sense but
> is not particularily intuitive IMHO.

What if you press 'L' for list-reply?


(I've never quite figured out the difference in functionality between
the "lists" and "subscribe" keywords, tbh.)


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