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Re: Bogus reply-to

On 2004-08-09, Tim Connors penned:
> What I am saying, is all of these discussion lists have differnt
> policies.  It's kind of silly expecting people to remember which
> policy belongs to which list, and blasting people when they get it
> wrong.

My understanding is that gmane translates my Mail-Copies-To: never into
the appropriate mail followup header.  I've asked a couple of times if
this is working, and no one has said anything to me, so I assume it is.
In fact:



# Mail-copies-to: never
# Mail-followup-to: debian-user@lists.debian.org

Aren't these the vaunted headers?  And yet, I get cc'd, or directly
emailed, all the time.  Either people's clients or broken, or they are.
Either way, the headers don't work.  Not reliably.

My bogus reply-to is an attempt to keep from *having* to blast people
when they get it wrong.  Okay, I don't *have* to blast them, but what am
I supposed to do?  Even a polite request not to email me directly comes
across as heavy-handed.

And no, I really don't think that it's inappropriate to ask that people
keep list policies straight.  If one deals with so many lists that one
can't either remember the policies or somehow use one's client to handle
them, then perhaps one is subscribed to too many lists.


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