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Re: Font Sizes In Fluxbox

s. keeling wrote:
> fwiw, that's what it says here too.  I'd forgotten about xdpyinfo.

Hi s.keeling,

Well, editing ~/.xinitrc didn't fix things but a simple one line edit of
/etc/X11/xdm/Xservers does. You'll see a dpi setting of 100 on the last line
of that file. I changed mine to 72 and down went the flux menu font sizes.
Actually, 72 may be a bit too small. I've used 84 with the XFWM in the past
with good results. But it's a system wide setting so, if you use it, you may
need to tweak something here and there, God knows. I think we've gotten
things figured out at this point. Thanks for working with me on this one.


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