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Re: Font Sizes In Fluxbox

Incoming from John Lowell:
> s. keeling wrote:
> >
> > Your problem then is with the style definition.  In my ~/.fluxbox dir,
> > I have a ~/.fluxbox/styles, and that's where I copied in my preferred
> > style (TDF).  In styles/TDF, it mentions:
> >
> > toolbar.font:                   lucidasans-10
> > menu.title.Font:                lucidasans-10
> > ...
> >
> > Likely, those are what you need to sort out.
> >
> > To do all this right, you need to copy stuff into ~/.fluxbox, then
> > edit ~/.fluxbox/init:
> >
> > session.styleFile:      /home/keeling/.fluxbox/styles/TDF
> > session.menuFile:       /home/keeling/.fluxbox/menu
> With all respect, I don't believe the problem I'm having here is with
> ~/.fluxbox/init. That file is modifiable as soon as one simply chooses a new

Ah.  You're using fluxbox on top of gnome-session?  I don't use gnome.
Perhaps that's where this is coming from.  If so, the answer's in
gnome control center.

This is the sort of annoying interaction that drove me away from those
big wm/dm/sm things.  Now, I just fiddle with a fluxbox config file
and what I want changed is changed.  Also, I don't rely on some GUI
config tool to fix it.  I use a text editor.

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