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Re: ccing

S.D.A. wrote:

On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 12:22:07AM -0700 or thereabouts, Paul Scott wrote:

be a case where a quite good GUI email client like Thunderbird is going to win out overall over mutt at least on a larger sized screen. Maybe if mutt could simultaneously show more of it's views for X's sake it would be the total winner since graphics by itself are not needed and are extra overhead for reading plain-text email.
Not attempting to flame or anything, but I'm puzzled.

I've used Mozilla/Thunderbird/Mutt off|on for several years. As much as I like
Thunderbird (one of the better GUI clients), I find myself always coming back to
Mutt, simply because it's more efficient (well I can't stand the lack of
reply-to list function in the Gecko clones to). I can read, delete and track
important e-mail much easier in Mutt. I can't see, quite frankly your assertion
that anything is faster in Thunderbird than in Mutt, (in terms of using it's
functions). CLI as always been faster than a mouse and point 'n click. That's
why many high end GUI apps, give one the choice of keyboard equivalent commands.

I can however understand the argument that a GUI client is prettier, and easier
to operate for the less-skilled term user, or that someone simply prefers
Thunderbird to Mutt. It is a personal preference -- I'm just suspicious of any
claim that a GUI e-mail app is faster or more efficient. ;)
I agree with and do a most of what you and others say. The *only* place I think T-bird is more efficient is for my case of a large number of mail folders with three levels of structure visible simultaneously on the screen. After I choose the folder with the mouse I could easily use a mutt style interface.

Faster as far as processor time, etc. is not relevant *if the machine is fast enough* since the machine still has to wait for the user to do something.

When GUI means point and click there may only be a very few places this is useful for experienced geeks. OTOH having X serve up multiple XTerms at a much higher resolution is certainly an improvement over seeing one text-mode screen at a time in many situations

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