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Re: ccing

Incoming from Cheryl Homiak:
> 1. I have no intention of changing my email system.

No offense meant, really.  But have you ever tried mutt?  You should
have no trouble going from one to the other interchangably (they
shouldn't do any rmail style mangling of your existing mail, for
instance).  The only thing you should need to be aware of is the
format they're storing mail in: mbox or maildir.  Copy /etc/Muttrc to
~/.muttrc and change it to do what Pine's doing now.

> it will "never happen" is perhaps correct in percentage but not totally 
> correct.

I stand corrected.  "Generalizing is always wrong."  :-)

> 3. I also check lists.debian.org and I bet a lot of people do.

Everyone forgets from time to time.  Many never check.  Many don't
even know it exists.  I forgot to check yesterday when I posted a
question.  The point is, this is a big list.  There's a lot of traffic
coming from it.  If half the people on it were doing things in a way
the other half despised, the list wouldn't work for anyone.  That's
why people here are so quick to jump on others who don't appear to be
following list conventions.

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