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Re: ccing

s. keeling wrote:

No offense meant, really. But have you ever tried mutt?
I would use mutt before pine any time but I use Thunderbird because of its 3 panes displaying all of my mailboxes and the headers from the selected mailbox or folder and the current message simultaneously. I use the keyboard in favor of the mouse as much as possible but here's a case where navigating the folder list with the mouse is obviously more efficient. Also Thunderbird has a really nice combination of fonts right now.

I have tried mutt several times and still have it installed and would consider it again if anyone could tell me how to do what Thunderbird does for me. I am quite open to ideas here.

On the original topic I do wish Thunderbird had Reply to List but I don't have any trouble doing Reply All and quickly modifying the addresses to only reply to the list.

<>3. I also check lists.debian.org and I bet a lot of people do.
Everyone forgets from time to time. Many never check.

I never check. I Google instead. I tried checking list archives a long time ago and found it terribly inefficient. Is there some other efficient way to search lists.debian.org that I don't know about?

Paul Scott

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