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Re: [OT Why GB English is different] Re: Mozilla firefox en-gb

Travis Crump wrote:

... Going through it in my mind, I pretty much treat it as any other list, dropping every 'and' but the last one. Put another way, say you have 'One thousand women, 3 hundred men, and 46 children'. How many people do you have? 'One thousand people, 3 hundred people, and 46 people'. Factor out people so that you only say it once and you have 'One thousand, 3 hundred, and 46 people'.

Hmm.  I never thought of it as a list, but you might have something

To me (USA), "223,456" to me would be "two hundred twenty three
thousand four hundred and fifty six"; "123,000" would be
"one hundred and twenty three thousand" (or "a hundred and
twenty three thousand"); for a check for $123.45, I'd write it out
as "one hundred twenty three and 45/100 dollars."

(Actually, I think there official supposed to be hyphens in places
like "twenty-three thousand.")

I wonder if Damon or his teacher confused the dropping of "ands"
other than the last with dropping all "ands."


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