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Re: [OT Why GB English is different] Re: Mozilla firefox en-gb

"Damon L. Chesser" <dchesser4@cox.net> said on Wed, 05 May 2004 18:05:08 -0500:
> Travis Crump wrote:
> > How would you say 1.023? One and 23 thousandths.  So why wouldn't 1.23 
> > be 'One and 23 hundredths' and leave 'one thousand and 23' reserved 
> > for 1,023. Following this, you say every number the same.  Going 
> > through it in my mind, I pretty much treat it as any other list, 
> > dropping every 'and' but the last one.  Put another way, say you have 
> > 'One thousand women, 3 hundred men, and 46 children'.  How many people 
> > do you have? 'One thousand people, 3 hundred people, and 46 people'.  
> > Factor out people so that you only say it once and you have 'One 
> > thousand, 3 hundred, and 46 people'.

That's how I would say it.

> Not my rule.  I just repeated what I was taught.  Just because you speak
> that way does not make it the most correct way.  As I said:  It is
> ignored in common usage. 

You keep saying this. I think "common in my area" would be more
correct. As I say, I have only ever heard Americans say this.

Also, because your teacher said this was the correct way does not
imply in any way whatsoever, that this is indeed the "correct" way
(from past experience, I would actually tend to disbeleive any teacher
who said something was the "correct" way).

As to your example of 100.24 - most people I hear, say "one hundred
point two four" - certainly none of this silly ambigous "and"
overloading, and not "point twenty-four" -- this is nonsense if there
are leading zeros after the decimal point.

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