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Re: linux bewbie lame question

FYI it wasn't me (the person who asked about the difference between kde &
gnome) that berated the person who suggested that I use my browser and

BTW I am familiar with using a search engine, but for a newbie there is
sometimes too much information, or it is of a technical nature. What I was
after was some anecdotal input.

many thanks


> If you can't be civil, please don't be at all.  If you're so new to
> all this that you don't understand the differences between gnome and
> kde, this is probably the wrong place to ask.  You should be going to
> www.gnome.org and (?!?) www.kde.org first.
> "Google" means to open up a "web browser" (Netscape, Mozilla, Internet
> Explorer, w3m, links, lynx, dillo, Opera, ...) and plug in
> "groups.google.com" as the address to go to.
> Once there you'll be presented a box asking what you're looking for.
> You can try "+differences +gnome +kde".  Perhaps there are better
> things to search for, but that's a start.
> Don't assume malice if you don't understand the answer.  It could
> simply be miscommunication.  And, as Olive Oyle's dad used to say,
> "You owe us an apology."
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