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Re: I'm face Few problem , need suggestion

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 05:57:43PM -0700, Monique Y. Herman wrote:
> On Thu, 04 Dec 2003 at 23:04 GMT, ScruLoose penned:
> > 
> > They don't have to. They can use Libranet or Xandros or Knoppix if
> > they want an "easy" way (on x86 systems). If you choose Debian, you
> > should know that an idiot-proof installer is _not_ one of its
> > features.
> To play devil's advocate, it doesn't say anything to that effect
> anywhere in the docs; at least, not that I'm aware.

True. At least as far as I know.
OTOH, reading the "Before installing Debian" section of the installation
manual (all eight subsections) gives a pretty good indication that one
is not looking at an "automagic" or idiot-proof process.

Not to say that it wouldn't be a good thing to point out explicitly, and
possibly with mention of the alternatives...
On the other other _other_ hand, just to play devil's advocate back at
you, the spinoff distros are mentioned on the Debian site:
(Just in case someone's trying to get started in Linux without having
discovered distrowatch.com)

> > I would amend that to ... Libranet, Xandros, or Knoppix.  Having
> > experienced apt, I cannot in good faith recommend an rpm-based distro
> > to anyone.
> amen.

(I left this in just 'cause I like how it looks)

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