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Re: Logitech MX310 mouse: Dead extra button?

* Hugo Vanwoerkom (hvw59601@care2.com) [031120 10:19]:
> * Tom wrote:
> > The ability to launch special applications when I press buttons doesn't 
> > "press my buttons" :-) Do they work as back/forward in Moz?  That would 
> > be useful.  (I wonder if anyone has gotten Microsoft's new side-to-side 
> > scrolling wheel working either...)
> I bought an A4Tech WOP-35PU optical wheel mouse for $11. It has 2 wheels 
> and 5 buttons: two "normal" ones, two on the side and one wheel is a button.
> I use it as a regular 1 wheel mouse but the 2nd wheel is intended for 
> side to side.
> I tried:
>  	Option      	"Buttons"       "9"
> 	Option      	"ZAxisMapping"  "6 7 8 9"
> but that did not have the desired effect and I could not use the wheels 
> at all.
> I'd also be interested in getting the 2nd wheel to effect the side to 
> side bars of mozilla.

Does xev show anything for those wheel events?

FWIW, Mozilla reponds to buttons 4 and 5 as vertical scrolling and 6 and
7 for horizontal scrolling.

good times,
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