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Re: Logitech MX310 mouse: Dead extra button?

Tom wrote:
On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 05:53:09PM -0600, Nick Welch wrote:

... Could you possibly do me a favor and run
'xev', and then put your mouse cursor over it, and hit that button, and
then report whether anything comes out?

Nothing comes out, when I press it nor when I move it. I never installed the special software in Windows. I hate installing vendor's goofy extensions.

I bought this mouse specifically because it had lots of buttons, and
didn't have a completely ridiculous price ($30).  At least a *somewhat*
reasonable price.. $50 or $80 is just ridiculous to me for a mouse, I
don't care how many buttons it has.  I'm not sure what I'll use them for
exactly yet, but I know I'll find good uses for them.  For example, I
currently use alt+mouse wheel to raise/lower windows, and I turn off all
auto raising on click/hover/etc.  I like this *a lot*.

The ability to launch special applications when I press buttons doesn't "press my buttons" :-) Do they work as back/forward in Moz? That would be useful. (I wonder if anyone has gotten Microsoft's new side-to-side scrolling wheel working either...)

I bought an A4Tech WOP-35PU optical wheel mouse for $11. It has 2 wheels and 5 buttons: two "normal" ones, two on the side and one wheel is a button. I use it as a regular 1 wheel mouse but the 2nd wheel is intended for side to side.
I tried:
 	Option      	"Buttons"       "9"

	Option      	"ZAxisMapping"  "6 7 8 9"

but that did not have the desired effect and I could not use the wheels at all. I'd also be interested in getting the 2nd wheel to effect the side to side bars of mozilla.


The main reason I bought it was I got tired of replacing my mouse batteries every week or two. (I use my computer for much longer per day and probably move the mouse more than the "statstically average" user the engineers designed for.) Tom's Hardware says great things about the optical engine in the mouse, and I like the way the pads slide.

When I worked at Microsoft I always bought the latest/greatest mouse/keyboard combo, because at the company store each was never more than $25. Now in my post-Microsoft life I wanted to make a statement: I wanted a mouse that met Microsoft "on its own terms" and succeeded (as opposed to a cheezy 'good-enough' philosophy). I still haven't replaced my Natural Keyboard -- I look at Frys, and haven't seen a superior keyboard that with the same design-values as the Natural -- only a bunch of wireless things I don't trust because of security paranoia.
If you do feel like making them work, consider my original message a
mini how-to. ;)

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