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Help, OSX vs Linux

Hi All,

I'm a system's admin looking after several different sites at
which most of them have woody servers. But some of the staff are
pushing for OSX servers. The workstations range from PC's to Imacs.
running all different OS's.
I'm finding it difficult to convince them that OSX is not the way to go.
We all know the reasons why Debian is so Great, but they can't see it.
The biggest push is that the OSX server can have workgroups for accounts and 
thus lock workstations so that only certain workgroups have access to certain 
applications on OS 9.x machines. 
I use netatalk currently, and use local multiple users  on OS 9 to lock down 
the machine but its not quite as tight as how OSX server can do it with Mac 
I love the fact the Debian has apt-get and I can quickly install the daemons 
such as squid, exim, apache, samba, netatalk, dhcp,ipmasq and so many other 
great things. Supposedly, OSX can run and do all this too, correct?
The only reasons I can think of that makes Debian better is that is Free, its 
more stable, and its way faster.
Are there any other benefits of debian that out way it from OSX?

Your ideas and comments are appreciated!


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