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Re: Help, OSX vs Linux

Mike Egglestone said on Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 10:20:25AM -0700:
> I'm finding it difficult to convince them that OSX is not the way to go.
> We all know the reasons why Debian is so Great, but they can't see it.
> The biggest push is that the OSX server can have workgroups for accounts and 
> thus lock workstations so that only certain workgroups have access to certain 
> applications on OS 9.x machines. 

I'm not sure how to make Debian do that.

> I love the fact the Debian has apt-get and I can quickly install the daemons 
> such as squid, exim, apache, samba, netatalk, dhcp,ipmasq and so many other 
> great things. Supposedly, OSX can run and do all this too, correct?

I've had good luck with fink.  (fink.sf.net).  It has a ton of apps.

> The only reasons I can think of that makes Debian better is that is Free, its 
> more stable, and its way faster.

I haven't seen any uptime or speed benchmarks, so I can't comment on either
Debian vs. OS X with respect to uptime or speed.  I would guess that you would
require a bit less downtime with Debian, since you would be able to just
apt-get update && upgrade without rebooting most of the time, where OS X does
require reboots after Software Update.  However, those are pretty minimal.

If you have performance benchmarks, please share them.

> Are there any other benefits of debian that out way it from OSX?

It sounds like you're trying to make a decision based on religion.  OS X server
is a bit pricy when you include the hardware itself; that might be a factor.
On the other hand, it is somewhat easier for non-admins to do things on, and
depending on your office setup, that might matter.  It's really almost a
business decision.

My experience with netatalk used to be really good, but lately I've had trouble
with it... it doesn't seem to interact well with the newer Macs.


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