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Re: Help, OSX vs Linux

> Are there any other benefits of debian that out way it from OSX?

	Just out of curiosity, if you were running Debian what architecture
would you be running it on?  If you were going to be using the new G5
regardless, I'd point out that many applications benefit from 64 bit
architectures (mySQL is a good example).

	Although I'm not knocking debian, I'd also like to point out that OS X
Server (Are you using Server or OS X?) is built on top of BSD, and thus
most of what you can do on Linux can be done on OS X).  Combined with
the unfair advantage apple has in helping its hardware interface with
its hardware you have a good case for OS X Server.

	On the other hand, like so many distributions designed for those
without a good grasp of computers, OS X probably puts a lot of load on
the machine with superfluous programs.  When I install debian I only
install the kernel modules I want, and only install the packages I want,
thus creating a lean and mean machine.  

	This is probably one of your most powerful arguments: it can be
customized to suit your exact needs.  And, by customizing it you can add
a lot of security enhancements and other things which end up being a
bonus.  Add this in with the fact that you're probably getting more
power out of a lean machine and it's a very powerful argument.

	But don't argue for Debian just because it's Debian.  You need to look
at what is truly the best OS for the job.  (For instance, if security is
/really/ important then you should look at OpenBSD --
http://www.openbsd.org ).  

	Please feel free to email me if you have any more questions.



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