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Re: Challenge-response mail filters considered harmful (was Re: Look at


* tallison@tacocat.net <tallison@tacocat.net> wrote:
>> Hallo!
>> * Steve Lamb <grey@dmiyu.org> wrote:
>>>  [grey@despair.dmiyu.org]
>>>     Guess what address is only used on the newsgroups.
>> So use a 'Reply-To:' with your 'used and read' email address. Spammers
>> usually get only the 'XOver', which only has the From: in it, so they
>> won't see your Reply-To: Email.
> You're kidding right?
> Everything that is a mail format:
> /[\w\.\-\_]+\@[\w\.\-\_]+\.\w{3}/
> is harvested from email and used for spam address.
I would be happy then :) -> .de

This might be true on a webpage or any other things. With nntp, you
have the xover command, which will give you MID, From and some other
headers, but not the Reply-To: header and not the body. Getting the
whole article is much more expensive (whole headers + body). Therfore
some usenet user (de.ALL at least...) are using a
'read_about_once_a_month@domain.de' in their From: and a frequently 
read address in the 'Reply-To:'.

-> Spammers (mostly) get the 'not read' address, anybody, who wants to
mail you privatly after reading your article will get the Reply-To:

Anyway, I don't mind anymore with SpamAssassin...


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