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Re: Challenge-response mail filters considered harmful (was Re: Look at


* Steve Lamb <grey@dmiyu.org> wrote:
>  [grey@despair.dmiyu.org] 
>     Guess what address is only used on the newsgroups.

So use a 'Reply-To:' with your 'used and read' email address. Spammers
usually get only the 'XOver', which only has the From: in it, so they
won't see your Reply-To: Email. 

I use a gmx.de address for this mail (actually a little bit more
complicated...), which runs SpamAssassin on their server (almost all
german freemail provider started this service during the last two
month). The From: mail is also read, but after stricter filtering
with SA. All the mails are then forwarded to my regular email address,
which I use as a pop3 account. I also use SA with bayes learning (cron
script, mutt macros for passing spam on) and 'see' currently about one
spammail per week (about 30 Spams per day). Another 100/week are
filtered out at gmx.

Just as a sidenote: I usually don't bother to read a mailaddress or
sigs, when I reply to a mail, but just hit 'reply'. And I usually try
only once to contact someone. So if a mail bounces about a 'nospam'
mail address, I don't care. If someone doesn't care to recieve mails... 


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