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Re: Challenge-response mail filters considered harmful (was Re: Look at

"Scott C. Linnenbringer" <sl@eskimo.com> writes:

> By using an invalid email address in your headers with a valid
> domain, the site's mx is picking up the weight of spam, even though
> you are not.

I think eskimo.com's mail system is actually slightly broken, and
that Alan Connor isn't posting mail as if from eskimo.com.

I looked at my copy of the parent post, and here's the headers

Old-Return-Path: <alanc@localhost>
From: Alan Connor <alanc@localhost>

I think eskimo.com is rewriting that localhost into eskimo.com.  So
it isn't actually getting any extra load from Alan Connor... it's
just slightly damaging the mail.  (Which doesn't strike me as a large
bug, since he shouldn't be posting with that address, anyway.  Why
people think that a fake From: but a valid Reply-To: is any use is
beyond me.)

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