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Re: installation via network

#include <hallo.h>
* maurizio gatto [Mon, Aug 04 2003, 05:47:35PM]:
> Starting versionis 3.1.33
> watching 2 socket

Cardmgr is started and found the PCMCIA controller.

> unsupported card in socket 1 (says the same even if i plug it in socket 0)
> product info: "Couperless pcmCIA "100base"
> manfid 0xffff 0x1090 function: 6 (network)

Card detected but no driver available. Assuming that the driver is there
but just not registred with its ID in cardmgr's device table, you could
enter the correct profile in /etc/pcmcia/config or
/etc/pcmcia/config-2.4 with a text editor.

But, this is just an assumption.

Lieber arm und gesund, als reich und beim Bund.

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