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Re: Re[4]: Debian testing system won't boot

Sean Abrahams said:

> umount: /: device is busy

er yeah, you cannot umount /

> Also, when I "mount / -o remount,rw" it works fine, and then the
> following is dumped on my screen.


> """
> insmod: /lib/modules/2.2.17-reiserfs/misc/af_packet.o: cannot open
> /proc/ksyms No such file or directory
> When I cd to /proc and ls -la, it's completely empty.

proc isn't mounted then

mount /proc

(the entry in fstab should take care of the actual mounting)

> The system didn't actually reboot, when I came in today, it had halted
> during the shutdown process (so it appeared). I could ctrl-alt-f2 to
> another prompt, but I couldn't type anything, it wouldn't let me
> login.

sounds like it hung on shutdown, may be a sign of a more serious

> No the system doesn't completely lock up, numlock works and I can type
> characters on the screen, but I cannot trigger anything into
> happening.

ok, thats good then.

does the system mount any nfs file systems? one cause of hanging
on shutdown is often trying to unmount a nfs file system that is no
longer accessable. is network connectivity on the box ok? you should
be able to boot to single user mode or at least linux emergency, and
manually configure the network card with ifconfig, so at least you
can use ping to be sure the driver/NIC/cable/switch is working

a system may hang on bootup depending on it's network configuration
as well, though I haven't seen a system hang at the point where your
email indicates before.


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