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Re[2]: Debian testing system won't boot

**The last mail was accidentally sent in the middle of typing**


Thank you for the reply.

I followed your directions, mounted / with "mount / -o remount,rw" and
executed "update-rc.d -f ppp remove".

When I try to remount / with "mount / -o remount,ro" it returns:

mount: / is busy

So I rebooted, but the same problem came up. The PPP lines still
showed up and it halts afterward.

I was checking my syslog and found a few interesting items at the end:

Apr 15 16:33:56 compname init: Switching to runlevel: 6
Apr 15 16:34:59 compname postgres[384]: [1] DEBUG: smart shutdown request
Apr 15 16:34:59 compname postgres[7645]: [2] DEBUG: shutting down
Apr 15 16:34:01 compname postgres[7645]: [3] DEBUG: database system is
shut down
Apr 15 16:34:02 compname modprobe: modeprobe: Can't locate module
Apr 15 16:34:03 compname named[338]: named shutting down

[snip common stuff]

Apr 15 16:34:03 compname kernel: Kernel logging (proc) stopped.
Apr 15 16:34:03 compname kernel: Kernel log daemon terminating.
Apr 15 16:34:03 compname exiting on signal 15

I wasn't anywhere near the machine at the time these events occurred,
and am the only one with access to the machine. Could someone have
gained access, and caused the above syslog lines?

I'm not aware of what switching to runlevel 6 means, and I have no
idea why postgresql would shutdown. Notice also that the kernel log
daemon is terminated which seems very odd, it's all very odd since I
didn't touch the machine after noon yesterday.

Nonetheless, there's no ppp entry in /etc/rc2.d and I don't quite know
what to do next. (How to find what is causing the system to halt after
PPP) Should I look at the order of files in init.d?

Thanks again for your help.


Wednesday, April 16, 2003, 12:10:51 PM, you wrote:

n> Sean Abrahams said:

>> The thing is I don't need PPP; I don't even have a modem installed on the
>> machine. Here are some other messages I found that might be
>> important.

n> if you can get to single user mode (linux emergency you said did it)
n> you can try this:

n> mount / -o remount,rw
n> (then mount any other filesystems like /var and /usr if they are on
n> different filesystems unless everything is on / )

n> then I would remove ppp:

n> apt-get remove ppp

n> or just disable it

n> update-rc.d -f ppp remove

n> see if that helps, unless the problem is comming from something after
n> ppp loads, in which case whatever script it is seems to be hanging before
n> it gets to print any output, if it still hangs then try to remove other
n> services that come after ppp in /etc/rc2.d with the update-rc.d command
n> as above.

n> once done, unmount your /var and /usr and any other partitions you
n> mounted and remount / readonly:

n> mount / -o remount,ro

n> and reboot(depending on what "mode" your in depends on whether or not
n> you need to reboot or just hit init 2, if you try the init 2 route
n> then you need to remount everything read-write again). I reccomend
n> rebooting, sometimes going the init 2 route the system may hang
n> (e.g. if your booted with init=/bin/bash not sure what linux emergency
n> calls to get you to a prompt).

n> nate

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