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Re: Re[2]: Debian testing system won't boot

Sean Abrahams said:
> **The last mail was accidentally sent in the middle of typing**

ahh ok!

> mount: / is busy

you have a filesystem mounted on the system that needs to be
unmounted first(most likely anyways), run 'mount' and be sure
any filesystems are not mounted (e.g. /usr /var /home etc, /proc
can be mounted though it won't cause that error)

> So I rebooted, but the same problem came up. The PPP lines still
> showed up and it halts afterward.

try removing scripts after the ppp ones, scripts are executed in
alphabetical order. /etc/rc2.d is probably the place you need to
look in, what all is in there?

> I was checking my syslog and found a few interesting items at the end:
> """
> Apr 15 16:33:56 compname init: Switching to runlevel: 6
> Apr 15 16:34:59 compname postgres[384]: [1] DEBUG: smart shutdown request
> Apr 15 16:34:59 compname postgres[7645]: [2] DEBUG: shutting down
> Apr 15 16:34:01 compname postgres[7645]: [3] DEBUG: database system is
> shut down
> Apr 15 16:34:02 compname modprobe: modeprobe: Can't locate module
> char-major-10-135
> Apr 15 16:34:03 compname named[338]: named shutting down
> [snip common stuff]
> Apr 15 16:34:03 compname kernel: Kernel logging (proc) stopped.
> Apr 15 16:34:03 compname kernel: Kernel log daemon terminating.
> Apr 15 16:34:03 compname exiting on signal 15

this looks like the system is rebooting.

> """
> I wasn't anywhere near the machine at the time these events occurred, and
> am the only one with access to the machine. Could someone have gained
> access, and caused the above syslog lines?

I suppose anything is possible but the above lines don't look unusual
unless the system didn't actually reboot at that time, OR the system
didn't go to runlevel 1 at that time..

> Nonetheless, there's no ppp entry in /etc/rc2.d and I don't quite know
> what to do next. (How to find what is causing the system to halt after
> PPP) Should I look at the order of files in init.d?

in /etc/rc2.d ..or PERHAPS in /etc/rcS.d ..though I've never had
any problems with scripts in rcS.d

also, does the system freeze? as in hard lockup? can you hit num lock
or caps lock and does the system respond? can you CTRL-ALT-DELETE and
have it reboot? Or not?

> Thanks again for your help.

sure no prob


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