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Re: Why am I no longer receiving the digest?

On Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 04:16:25PM +0800, Robert Storey wrote:
> To solve your problem (avoiding downloading huge files), you have to
> edit file "animailrc". Open /usr/share/doc/animail/docs.html with a
> browser, click on the section "Animailrc configuration reference".
> Here's the part that's relevant:
>   1. MaxSize:
>   Parameter: Numeric (in bytes)
>   Default value: Unlimited
>   This command specifies the maximum size of a message to be downloaded.
>   Those messages that won't be downloaded will be deleted on the server.
> No need for regular expressions, just specifiy a maximum size for
> messages and that's it.

Thanks, but actually this doesn't solve the problem. Mixed with the
backlog of debian-user digests will be digests of similar size from
other mailing lists which are working normally, and these I do not
want to block. So I do need to filter on headers, but as I say, the
abovementioned docs.txt.gz, while indicating the obvious fact that
this involves regular expressions, says nothing about how they are used.

The docs.html on sourceforge.net is more forthcoming, but refers to a
later version of Animail than the current stable release. The changes
seem to be quite extensive, and most of the config stuff is not
applicable. In particular, it seems that 1.1.30 has both an "accept"
and a "deny" file, whereas 1.0.6 only has one file ~/.Animailfilters,
and it doesn't say whether this is an "accept" or "deny" file, or
indeed anything useful about what goes in it.

What version of Animail are you using? I don't have a
/usr/share/doc/animail/docs.html, only a docs.txt.gz. I've installed
the "stable" version, 1.0.6.

The versioning seems to be in a bit of a mess. On sourceforge.net at
the moment I find:

  Stable version 1.0.6, as a .deb (yay!) and as a .tar.gz
  Unstable version 2.0-pre14, as a .deb and a .tar.gz
  docs.html for version 1.1.30

Having downloaded, but not installed, the .deb of the "unstable"
version 2.0-pre14, and looked inside it, I find it does include
/usr/share/doc/animail/docs.html, but again for version 1.1.30.
There's also a docs.html in Spanish, for version 1.1.29.

I don't really want to install an "unstable" version, especially with
such out-of-date documentation. Is this the version that you're using,
and if so, could you confirm that (a) it's not actually very unstable
and (b) the docs are not so out-of-date as not to apply?

If not, would it be possible for you to send me (offlist, naturally)
a copy of the .deb that you installed, which from your comments seems
to be in a more cohesive state than what's currently available?

Many thanks,

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