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Re: Why am I no longer receiving the digest?

> > I installed Animail a few months ago, and I'm very enthusiastic
> > about it. Among it's notable features, it's got the ability to 
> > delete (without downloading) email messages and attachments over
> > a certain size that you specify. Since the digests are likely to
> > be pretty large, you can send all big messages to trash without 
> > losing smallers messages that you might want to read.
> > 
> > Hope this helps,
> > Robert
> Thanks, I've just downloaded this. Unfortunately the docs that come
> with it are useless; all it says about filtering in
> /usr/share/doc/animail/docs.txt.gz is:
> > ----
> > UseRegExp:
> > UsarExpReg:

To solve your problem (avoiding downloading huge files), you have to
edit file "animailrc". Open /usr/share/doc/animail/docs.html with a
browser, click on the section "Animailrc configuration reference".
Here's the part that's relevant:

  1. MaxSize:
  Parameter: Numeric (in bytes)
  Default value: Unlimited
  This command specifies the maximum size of a message to be downloaded.
  Those messages that won't be downloaded will be deleted on the server.

No need for regular expressions, just specifiy a maximum size for
messages and that's it.

 - Robert

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