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Re: [OT, FLAME] Linux Sucks

nate wrote:
Nathan E Norman said:

Sorry for yelling, but this whole "debian is hard to install" thing drives
me crazy.  Call me an elite bastard, but I still feel if debian is too
hard to install, you shouldn't be installing it.  Mandrake et al exist for
a reason.

well of course there are always exceptions. Having done probably
a hundred or more debian installs over nearly the past 5 years I am
fairly proficient(to put it lightly) at installing debian.

but still, at least in the realm of supported hardware debian isn't
quite up there yet. [snip]


I have to agree here about the hardware support.

I have tried to install Gentoo a number of times, always without success in the end. IMHO they have some crippling features that they need to address.

But Gentoo had one thing that impressed me a lot. And I hear that RedHat has similar capabilities.

Here's what I saw when I booted the CD....

chunky...chunky....  the usual boot: prompt and kernel loading stuff.
Then, before I had a chance to do anything at all on the computer, it did a device scan and reported back to me that it had found the following hardware:
eepro100 network card
blah-dee-blah video card with XX RAM
sound something or other

(I don't remember it all, but it found everything!)

And then asked me if I wanted static/dhcp on the network card and went from there.

The point is that the hardware was pretty much detected by the installation program and did not require me to open the case, lookup chipsets, and surf Vendor sites for information on their products.

Any movement in this direction would be a great benefit to Debian.
I think it would be far more important than a GUI or some other hand holding method. There are a lot of tools that detect the hardware, can't we just automate some of it to cover the 95% of the hardware automatically? It will never be perfect, but something would be better than nothing.

Eat drink and be merry!  Tommorrow you may be in Utah.

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