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Re: VCDs (was Newbie Functioning In Debian)

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 06:46 +0800, Robert Storey wrote:
> Greetings Mark. You piqued my interest when you mentioned "burning
> VCDs." Under Linux, I have not been able to either copy or
> roll-my-own VCDs. Xcdroast, for example, seems to copy VCDs fine -
> but the copies won't play. Most any Windows burner program I've used
> can at least copy a VCD without a hiccup. What software are you
> using? Is there a FAQ you can point me to that gives some info on how
> to convert VHS tapes to VCDs?

No need for windoze... I've used vcdimager and cdrdao a few times
without problems.


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