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Re: VCDs (was Newbie Functioning In Debian)

On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 23:19, nate wrote:
> Robert Storey said:
> >
> > Greetings Mark. You piqued my interest when you mentioned "burning VCDs."
> > Under Linux, I have not been able to either copy or roll-my-own VCDs.
> > Xcdroast, for example, seems to copy VCDs fine - but the copies won't
> > play. Most any Windows burner program I've used can at least copy a VCD
> > without a hiccup. What software are you using? Is there a FAQ you can
> > point me to that gives some info on how to convert VHS tapes to VCDs?
> last I checked X CD roast was a front end to mkisofs/cdrecord. I can't
> imagine how it could read the VCD in the first place since there is
> no ISO9660 filesystem on it..
> Real videocds are recorded in what's called "Mode 2", which stores data
> differently from data and audio cds. I think this is to make video playback
> smoother somehow(the VideoCD standard is more then 10 years old).
> You'll probably need vcdtools, or vcdimager. Or look for tools that
> can create/burn .bin/.cue files, this format is what a VCD would
> come in. the .bin contains the raw data, and the .cue tells the
> CD software how to burn it.
> I use a Likko Electronics VDR2100 to make my VCDs. It's $445 from
> lik-sang.com. Burns VCD on the fly, in real time. I output from my
> tivo to it, have burned more then 800 VCDs in the past year(burning
> one now infact). Real nice unit. I have had 1 coaster though, perhaps
> it was a defective CD. Sofar I've only used Kodak and some high tech
> memorex CD(made in japan, forgot the name).
> I wish there was better VCD extraction tools in linux. I've had to
> use MpegTV for my extractions which isn't perfect but it's the best
> I've found. Other tools like vcdtools screw up the tracks real badly
> for me(e.g. first 5 tracks are merged into 1, tracks cut off..etc).
> I'm fairly sure my liko generates valid VCDs since it works on my
> portable likko player as well as my dreamcast vcd players, and in
> every computer-based VCD player I have encountered. MpegTV generates
> slighly invalid mpeg data(it errors out after each track) but it's
> playable at least.
> nate

You have only one coaster out of 800 produced??? You are either buying
better cd blanks than I do, or the data elves are smiling on you (that
is data ELVES, not data ELVIS ;)
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