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Re: win2k WS FTP doesn't play well with debian

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 06:53:48PM -0800, Sasha Karlik wrote:
| This is a repeat request for help.
| Windows2000 machine :: networked to :: Debian
| All files are browsable in WS FTP.  When beginning a file transfer, the file
| name appears in the destination directory on the debian machine, then the
| transfer locks up immediately.  after about a minute, an error message:
| !Send error: connection reset  or
| !Receive error: Blocking call canceled

It may depend on which ftp server you have on your debian machine.
There are at least a dozen choices.

Get a packet sniffer (eg ethereal) and watch the packets on the wire
as you try the transfer again.  That will show what is actually
happening and will help you pinpoint the cause of the problem.  You
may need to do some reading on the ftp protocol in order for the
information from the packet sniffer to make sense.


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