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Re: Compiling a kernel on an UltraSparc?

nate said:

> Gerald V. Livingston II said:
>> Is there any special info on getting a 2.4.20 kernel to compile
>> under
>> woody on a Sun UltraSparc-1 Creator.
> I'm not sure how closely you track the kernel but I've read several
> places that the "generic" kernel is rarely the choice for anything
> other then x86. the non x86 stuff is not always in sync, doesn't
> always
> work etc ...that said, where did you get the sources? I would expect
> the source package for whatever kernels debian has to build on the
> sparc. But if your getting a kernel directly from kernel.org it may
> not(without some patches).
> I don't have personal experience with linux on sparc yet, Downloading
> the woody ISOs for it now and plan to install it on my ultra 1
> probably
> tomorrow though.
> nate

I'll have to check to see if there are 2.4.20 source packages for
sparc. I know the kernel-image packages only go up to 2.4.19 so I had
grabbed the kernel source from kernel.org.

Be aware that anything less than 2.4.19 (woody installs 2.4.18) has
some problems with the happy meal ethernet interface. I googled around
and it seems it it a kernel problem that was solved at around
2.4.19.pre4 or so. I saw no reason to install a 2.4.19 kernel when
2.4.20 is out. Besides, I want to build a lean kernel with everything
we don't need stripped out.

Woody seems to have kernel-image up to 2.4.19 but kernel-source only
up to 2.4.18 for sparc. Guess I'll have to look in Sarge for the
kernel-source package.

I'll report progress.



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