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Re: hesiod

On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 08:58:17AM -0200, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> > I'm sure that if I were to enable notifyd and configure it to use zephyr
> > notifications, I'd run in to problems.  But otherwise, there's no reason
> Ok. After that one (read what you wrote), I will only believe you if you
> show me an ldd of notifyd with shows that it is linked to the zephyr libs,
> and that they are not present in the system.  Also, I need the logs of a
> running notifyd configured for some sort of notification (that is not
> zephyr, obviously).

I said I'd "run in to problems", not that I'd get undefined symbols or
anything.  I didn't have the Zephyr libs installed when I *built* cyrus
and notifyd.  Thus notifyd is not liked against those libs.  Were I to
try and enable zephyr notifications, I would likely be told as much by

> That will show me that indeed notifyd won't break when the runtime linker
> tries to execute it...  Then I will take the pain to downgrade all that
> stuff to recommends (which will NOT be straigthforward, since I will have to
> muck around with automatically generated shlibdep stuff), knowing that it
> will not break things for anyone.

How about you simply don't link against the zephyr libraries at all?
I'm sure Zephyr sites wouldn't appreciate that, but I wonder how many of
them there are?  I'm not convinced that it's enough to make it worth it
to force all Cyrus installations to install zephyr libraries.  But of
course, that's the maintainer's call.  I'm sure you'll find somebody to
disagree with you no matter which choice you make.


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