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Re: RE: cups and hpijs driver

 Michael Olds <MikeOlds@pacbell.net> wrote:
>Re: HPDeskJet 960c as local printer on Woody box
> I've used up my variables. I installed the KDE kdelips3-cups package, (and
>I also have installed: cupsys; cupsys-client; cupsys-pstoraster; mpage;
>foomatic-bin; foomatic-db; and hpijs -- I did not install cupsys-bsd as this
>is for printing off the local linux box only; 
Hm, i installed cupsys-bsd as well. Not sure if i need it though since it's also a local printer in my setup

>I did a custom PPD which looks
>like it is installed correctly and is being used) and it knows about CUPS,
>but when I start up the wizzard the first dialog box I get is all grayed out
>except for "Class of Printers" and if I select that, the next one shows no
>printers available.
I didn't have to bother with class of Printers. I went to linuxprinting.org, made a ppd for my printer and saved it in de models directory.
Then i installed the cupsomatic perl script from the same site in the filter directory and restarted cups

>I did not try Benedict's Cupsomatic Perl script under the thinking that this
>was taken care of by my custom PPD and the functions are supplied by the
>foomatic guys...yes?
Foomatic is needed. I tested it once by uninstalling and see if stuff would work but it doesn't. I'm not sure about the cupsomatic perl script either. linuxprinting.org said to add it so i did.

>In the CUPS http admin tool I appear to be able to set up the printer, and
>it sees it at:
>URI: parallel /dev/lp0
>and it has Device: Parallel Port 1
Mine is usb: /dev/usb/lp0

>Clicking on "Print Test Page" gets the printer rolling, and then it spits
>out a blank page.
Does printing from a webpage work?

>when i go to configure it it gives me: client-error-not-found
>....first time out I went back and installed the CUPS client, but that didn't
>change anything.
I had that error too untill i installed all of the above.
I *think* that i got that error because i didn't install foomatic.bin

>(I have deleted and re-added, and stopped and started the printer several
>I also took a look at the kernel and I have IEEE support, parallel printer
>support, and USB support.
>When I try and print a file from Nedit I get: Unable to Print sh:lpr command
>not found (I also mentioned previously that when I try to enter the
>administration tool via the command line lpadmin I get no such command)
Don't you need to have the cupsys-bsd stuff to manager printing via lpr?

>Just to be sure I shut down and restarted a couple of times. Also generously
>peppered the operation with /etc/init.d/cupsys restart
>Just Guessing in the dark, I added the printer to the classes following the
>obvious...ahum...choices in the wizzard. nada
Like i said, i didn't need to add the printer to the classes.
>Best Wishes!
>Mike Olds www.buddhadust.org
>How come after 3 rebuilds, when i run # uname -a my kernel is still listed
>as #1  the date is the rebuild date, and the vmlinus version in /boot is
>also dated correctly.
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