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Re: spamassassin installation help

This is doable, but the problem is with spamc - it depends on a newer
version of libc6 than what is in Woody.  This means that if you want to
install the spamc from unstable (which you must to satisfy the Depends:
for spamassassin) you have to upgrade libc6 as well.  I run Sid on one
of my boxes, without any real problems, but I wouldn't want it running
on a mail server.

I found it much easier to backport for Woody than to mix distros like
this, but YMMV.

Ahh, that's right. Forgot about that.

I'm running spamd on a dedicated box. Didn't have any trouble with the libc6 upgrade, but wouldn't have done that on the mailserver itself.



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