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Re: spamassassin installation help

This one time, at band camp, Matthias Hentges said:
> Am Die, 2002-12-10 um 10.25 schrieb Sandip P Deshmukh:
> > hello all
> > 
> > this is my post to the group after some time. debain had been working
> > wonderfully.
> > 
> > i have read quite some posts on spamassasin. so went to dselect and read
> > up material available on that.
> > 
> > i use exim (almost default set-up) and fetchmail (again almost default
> > set-up) for mail processing. i read mails with mutt.
> > 
> > do i just install spamassasin as it comes or do i have to tweak it?
> At least with postfix you'll have to integrate SA manually. It should be
> the same with Exim.

It is.  Dman's page is excellent, and if you follow the instructions,
you'll have a very nicely working setup very quickly.  The only thing I
would recommend doing is (if you're using either woody or sarge) is
backporting the version from unstable - I have gotten much better
results, with far lower false positives/negatives than before.  This is
easily done by downloading the source, cd into the toplevel source
directory and typing `fakeroot debian/rules binary`.  You may need to
first install the build-depends, which will be listed in debian/control.

> > i do not use .forward or .procmailrc file. i am yet to find a need for
> > either. can i use spamassasin without either of these files?

By default, spamassassin does not delete email, even if it tags it as
SPAM.  Usng a .forward or .procmail sorting method will allow you to
move tagged messages to another folder for review later.  I check it
when I have time, and I'm still seeing too many false positives to wnat
to change to automatically deleting it.  Probably mostly due to the fact
that I have barely tweaked the default install (^:

> You may want to have a look at this:
> http://dman.ddts.net/~dman/config_docs/exim3_spamassassin.html
> Note: I do not use Exim so i don't know if this site is what you need.

It is, and many thanks to dman for his work.

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