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spamassassin installation help

hello all

this is my post to the group after some time. debain had been working

i have read quite some posts on spamassasin. so went to dselect and read
up material available on that.

i use exim (almost default set-up) and fetchmail (again almost default
set-up) for mail processing. i read mails with mutt.

do i just install spamassasin as it comes or do i have to tweak it?

i do not use .forward or .procmailrc file. i am yet to find a need for
either. can i use spamassasin without either of these files?

spamassasin refers to one librazor package. it was not available. i found razor,
though, is it one and the same?

is spamassasin getting to be a default mail processing package?

sandip p deshmukh

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