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Re: spamassassin installation help

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 05:26:43PM +0100, Matthias Hentges wrote:
> Am Die, 2002-12-10 um 10.25 schrieb Sandip P Deshmukh:
> > do i just install spamassasin as it comes or do i have to tweak it?
> At least with postfix you'll have to integrate SA manually. It should be
> the same with Exim.
> You may want to have a look at this:
> http://dman.ddts.net/~dman/config_docs/exim3_spamassassin.html

it was wonderful documentation. did just what it said and i am already
running spamassasin. there is one difficulty, though. it refers to some
filters in exim.conf file. could someone tell me, where do i place these filters in the file? in the beginning? in some specific section? in the end?

the filter per se is given in full. however, not its location in the
exim.conf file.

> But using .procmailrc will be the most simple way to do it IMO.

i am still a bit confused about procmail. i use mutt anyway. and
although i have not yet used folders. but i guess, i can use folders and
folder hooks to sort mail into different mailboxes. do i still need to
use procmail?

> > spamassasin refers to one librazor package. it was not available. i found razor,
> > though, is it one and the same?
> Yes i think so. At least my SA started using Razor when i installed the
> package "razor".

how do i make sure that my spamassasin is using razor? i already have
the package installed.

sandip p deshmukh

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